Changing for the Health of It is a unique "how to" diet and exercise book, due to the perspective of the author and the overall manner with which positive lifestyle change is addressed. The reader will discover that it is much easier than they think to lose all the weight they need to, keep it off, and have a healthy fitness level. You just have to give it a real try. This book provides the specific information and encouragement to do just that. The reader will learn (as I did) that achieving a healthy lifestyle is very much worth it. There is nothing to be "put through" or to endure — no "take it a day at a time" struggle.

Before I finally decided to give it a real try (motivated by a near heart attack caused by very clogged arteries), I was 75 pounds above my ideal weight and the opposite of physically fit. I had been obese and out-of-shape for about 30 years. I was right where so many people are right now, not just weight — and fitness-wise, but also in terms of the attitudes and misconceptions that provide significant obstacles to positive lifestyle change. I know how people on the "unhealthy side" think and what needs to easily change.

I lost the 75 pounds I needed to in ten months and have kept all of it off for over eight years. I am now physically fit. It is good to be able to run around and do things and not get tired. This can be done and maintained while still eating big portions of delicious food, going to restaurants, having cookouts, hosting a great Super Bowl party, tailgating and having holiday feasts.

This book provides very specific, effective, and easy to apply information. This is done in clear, concise layman's terms, with some humor and plenty of examples. The book can be used as a how-to for prevention, improvement or recovery by people with a wide range of needs, interests, goals and tastes.